Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Посолство на Република България в Руската Федерация
Консултвото на България в Руската Федерация
Посолство на Руската федерация в Република България
Консулство на Руската федерация Република България
Търговско представителство на Руската Федерация в Република България

  • Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

    The information in this site is intended to support the activities of Bulgarian and Russian companies in the field of entrepreneurship. It contains:

    • Information on the objectives and tasks of the BRCCI, the structure and leadership of the BRCCI, who are members of the BRCCI, conditions for membership, and others.
    • Business information - offers for searched and offered goods from Russia, investment proposals, upcoming meetings, exhibitions, etc.
    • Information on how your products can reach the Russian market through the sites of the TPPRF and CTRB in Moscow.
    • The services you can get from the BRCCI on the territory of Bulgaria and Russia, such as registration of companies and representations in both countries, issuance of visas, information on customs regimes, opening of bank accounts, personal registration of the company's assistants and others.
    • The addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and websites of the Bulgarian state authorities in Russia and the Russian state authorities in Bulgaria.

  • Regions of the Russian Federation

    In this part of the site you will find detailed information about the regions of the Russian Federation with which the BRCCI has signed Cooperation Agreements. You will find information about the region's territory and population, industrial and agricultural developments, scope and scale of investment activity, cultural traditions and others. Of particular interest are the sections on "External Economic Activity", which indicate not only the total volume of imports and exports, but also the specific goods and countries that are subject to the foreign trade activity.