Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


    Extract from the BRCCI Statutes

    Article 3.(1)(Ammended with the decision of the General Assembly dated 27 January 2006) The BRCCI is intended to provide comprehensive assistance for the establishment and expansion of the trade, economic and scientific and technical cooperation between the economic organizations of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.
    (2) The cooperation of the BRCCI with third party organizations shall be carried out on the basis of bilateral agreements.
    Article 4
    (1) (Amended and supplemented by a decision of the General Assembly dated 27.01.2006, amended by a decision of the General Assembly dated April 27, 2017) For the realization of its objective the BRCCI:
    A) Participates in, or gives an opinion on, the invitation of competent authorities in the development of national business development programs.
    B) Collaborates with state bodies in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation to create a regulatory framework stimulating the development of trade and other forms of economic and scientific-technical cooperation and presents to the competent state authorities a coordinated opinion of its members on draft laws, business decisions and decisions aimed at increasing the efficiency of foreign trade.
    C) Promotes the activities of its members, organizes business meetings of representatives of Bulgarian and Russian organizations on key issues of business cooperation, as well as seeks business partners in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.
    D) To attract specialists and experts from the country and the Russian Federation to solve legal, tax, customs, currency, credit and other issues, and circulate among its members and other interested organizations economic, legal and scientific and technical information. The BRCCI also processes and informs its members on the establishment of currency-financial regimes, tariff and non-tariff barriers, organization and management of companies, requirements for standardization of documents for relieving international trade, etc.
    E) Protects the interests of its members before state and public institutions in the country and abroad.
    F) Explores the conditions for competition in foreign markets, as well as informing its members about the market opportunities in the country and abroad, trends in the development of the markets, technological and technical progress, the announcement of international tenders, auctions etc.
    G) Assists in expanding foreign and Bulgarian investments in the country and abroad.
    H) Assists Bulgarian companies to participate in international fairs, exhibitions, world exhibitions on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.
    I) Assists in the realization of the tourist and cultural cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation.
    J) Distributes printed publications and information.
    K) Organizes conferences, symposia, presentations, trainings, meetings of specialists and roundtables in the country and the Russian Federation.
    L) consults the creation of commercial companies in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Russian Federation, including those with mixed participation.
    M) The BRCCI carries out additional business activities which are related to the subject of the registered activity, for which it is registered and uses the revenue to achieve the goals set in the Statute. The subject of these activities include or may include:

    • publishing and translation activities, including joint publications with specialized information institutes, publishing houses, international centers, foreign chambers of commerce, etc., periodicals with company, commercial and advertising direction in Bulgarian and / or Russian language, guides, newsletters, manuals and other publications with a practical focus on issues of foreign economic cooperation.
    • information and consultancy;
    • advertising, including marketing research;
    • organization of domestic and international tourism;
    • mediation and commission activities;
    • advises on the execution of foreign trade transactions for its members - preparation of offers, contracts, negotiations, etc., as well as the establishment of contractual relations between its members and foreign partners, by drawing up general terms for contracts, distributing the established contractual practice and analyzing the contractual relations.

    N) BRCCI organizes:
    A. Arbitration Court for International and Private Private Property Disputes, based on arbitration agreements or mandatory jurisdiction established by law or international treaty;
    B. Arbitrary arbitration (ad hoc), assisted by the Arbitration Court;
    C. Conciliation procedures for the voluntary settlement of private disputes, assisted by the Arbitration Court.
    O) The BRCCI does not distribute profit.
    (P) The BRCCI may open branches and associate with foreign and local persons in connection with its objectives and tasks.
    Q) The BRCCI supports the establishment of territorial and branch chambers and other unions.


    Article 5
    (As amended by a decision of the General Assembly dated 27.04.2017)
    (1) BRCCI members are basic and honorary.
    (2) The main members of the BRCCI may be:
    (A) private and legal persons carrying on an economic activity registered under the applicable legislation;
    B) regional chambers of commerce and industry;
    C) Bulgarian and Russian foundations and non-profit associations, registered in the appropriate order and supporting the economic activity.
    (3) Honorary members of the BRCCI may be Bulgarian or Russian private persons - prominent figures with special merit for the achievement of the goals and tasks of the BRCCI or such persons, who have exceptional merits in promoting and supporting the Bulgarian-Russian trade and economic relations.
    (4) State bodies, political parties, trade unions and religious organizations may not be members of the BRCCI.
    Article 6
    Acceptance of new members
    (As amended by a decision of the General Assembly dated 27.04.2017)
    (1) The admission of new members shall be made by the Management Board upon submission of a written request by the person concerned to the Management Board, whereby the candidate states that he / she accepts the Statute and will comply with the BRCCI ethical rules.
    (2) In order to be accepted in the BRCCI, the main and honorary members shall:
    • if it is a legal entity - it mustn't have a sole proprietor, partner or shareholder, which is a company registered in a jurisdiction with preferential taxation;
    • to participate actively in the economic life between Bulgaria and Russia;
    • have a good name in society.
    (3) The membership shall arise after the decision of the Management Board and the payment of the membership fee.
    (4) The Management Board's refusal to comply with the application for membership may be appealed to the General Assembly within one month of becoming aware, but not later than one year after the decision of the Management Board.
    (5) Members of the Chamber shall pay an annual membership fee to be determined by the Management Board.
    (6) By virtue of a decision of the Management Board, honorary members may not pay membership fees.
    (7) The documents for acceptance of new members shall be adopted and approved by the Management Board and shall be published on the website of the BRCCI.