Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry



The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), which supports the issuance of multiple working visas for employees and family members of employees of accredited branches / representations of foreign legal entities in Russia, announces new deadlines for submission of documents for issuance and term extension of  working visas.

As of the beginning of 2018, RCCI requires the submission of documents for  working visa extension not later than 30 calendar days before  the visa expiry date, or even earlier, taking into account New Year's and May holidays.

The changes were imposed by an effective Administrative Regulation of the Russian Ministry of the Interior on the provision of the state service for the clearance, issuance, extension and restoration of visas for foreign citizens and stateless persons, approved by Order No 859 of the Ministry of Interior of Russia of 16.11.2017.

Detailed information on the procedure for obtaining multiple working visa can be found on the official RCCI website, link: https://uslugi.tpprf.ru/ru/services/32607/ .


"Sectoral sanctions sooner or later will be lifted, and foreign companies that have switched from traditional trade to new forms of interaction will have an advantage in the new environment", said Tatiana Legcilina, Deputy Director of the Department for External Relations and Work with the Business Councils of the Russian CCI, during a meeting with a delegation of the Italian Autonomous Region of Sardinia on 19/12/17 in Moscow.

Mrs. Legchilina has put particular emphasis on the experience of the major Italian companies such as Pirelli, Ferrero, Barilla and others locating their production in Russia within the framework of the "Made with Italy" concept ("Fatto con Italia"). The specialized presentation at the Russian CCI site has been noted as an effective means of promoting the economic potential of a foreign region.

The visit of the Sardinian delegation to the Russian CCI was organized with the assistance of the Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which hosted a multilateral meeting in Sofia on 9 November 2017 with the participation of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, the Embassy and Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in our country (http://brcci.net/home/news/99-italian-delegation) .

 For further  details of the negotiations between the Russian CCI and the Sardinian delegation, follow the link: http://tpprf.ru/ru/vneshnie-svyazy/vneshnie-svyazy-news/-i220385/.